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In his 80th year, the great sage Lao Tzu made a difficult journey to the western gate of China. He was disillusioned that others were unwilling to learn his path to natural goodness and harmony with nature. At this legendary gate, a guard asked the old man to write down his wisdom. The result was the Tao Te Ching, which remains China's most enduring sacred text.


Now, over 2,000 years later, one of the West's leading authorities on the Tao introduces you to this effortless philosophy for living on Taoism: Essential Teachings of the Way and Its Power. In easy-to-follow language, Ken Cohen reveals Lao Tzu's vast spiritual legacy, including Taoism's mystical roots in China's ancient shamanistic tradition.

This complete introduction to Taoism covers:

  • Origins, philosophy, and religion
  • Keys to ethical living, inner silence, and simplicity
  • Taoist meditation for awareness and healing
  • Taoist prayers, rituals, and iconography
  • Taoist teachings on diet, poetry, feng-shui, dream yoga, and much more.

[KH Audio] Taoism: Essential Teachings of the Way and Its Power

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