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A radical shift in identity. The direct experience of unity with all things. Unexplainable joy and a blissful ease of being. These are just some of the ways in which a growing number of people have described the experience of spiritual awakening. But is it the same for everyone? What if we've only had glimpses of "waking up"? How does the process unfold - and does it end?


Waking Up brings you the insights of 34 of today's leading authors and teachers who have deeply explored the implications of spiritual awakening. Sounds True publisher Tami Simon will speak with the teachers about their personal understandings of awakening - how it happened, what changed (and what didn't), and how their experiences can inspire and inform our own realizations.


1. A Radical Shift in Identity - Adyashanti 
2. The Mandala of Awakening - Jack Kornfield, PhD 
3. The Death of the Little Me - Eckhart Tolle 
4. "Awake, Yes, But Keep Practicing" - Sally Kempton 
5. A Freedom That Leaves Nothing Out - Reggie Ray 
6. There Is No End to How We Explore True Nature - AH Almaas 
7. Directness with Life - Thomas Hübl 
8. Being a Light in the World - Sandra Ingerman 
9. Saying Yes to Being Found - Richard Rohr 
10. Loving Ourselves into Freedom - Tara Brach 
11. Recognizing Your Original Face - Ken Wilber 
12. Whatever Arises, Love That - Matt Kahn 
13. Shifting to the Infinite Lifestyle - Robert Thurman 
14. The Call of Aliveness - Mark Nepo 
15. Dropping the Mind Into the Heart - Cynthia Bourgeault 
16. Discovering Happiness Independent of Conditions - Shinzen Young 
17. Life Is Here: Awakening Is Not a Destination - Jeff Foster 
18. Divinized and Humanized - David Frenette 
19. Remembering Our True Nature as the Ground of Being - Tsultrim Allione 
20. Nothing Special - Thomas Moore 
21. Small Glimpses, Many Times - Loch Kelly
And more.

[KH Audio] Waking Up - Over 30 Perspectives on Spiritual Awakening

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