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Steven DeVore, founder of SyberVision, is a compulsive reader. He set a goal for himself to read the entire "Great Books of the Western World" published by Encylopaedia Britannica. After taking two months struggling through the first book on Aristotle, he realized it would take more than a lifetime to read all the books -- and maybe even longer to understand what he was reading. Still determined to learn what was in the great books, he commissioned experts in literature to capsulize in writing the essence of each of the 100 great books.


He then hired award-winning spoken word talent and recorded each of the works. After one year and over $1 million, the "World's 100 Greatest Books Audio Collection" was born. The collection was so good that it was endorsed and marketed by Encylopaedia Britannica!! DeVore had come full circle!


Remember What You Hear

In putting together the written material, DeVore employed his world famous SyberVision learning methodology to allow you to quickly incorporate what you hear into your thinking and conversation. So not only will you learn about each of the great books but you'll remember what you learn!! Imagine having this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Now you can with The World's 100 Greatest Books CD Collection.


Listen to a Great Book in Only 45-Minutes

This comprehensive audio collection consists of 100 45-minute summaries of great books -- all captured on 50 audio CDs. In each session, you'll learn about the author's life and the time in which he or she lived; you'll hear a description of the book's themes; an analysis of the characters;a detailed re-creation of the story with descriptive passages from the book; and a concise yet full discussion of the book's relevance.


A companion digital study guide contains a single-page Knowledge Map for each work. On it, you can quickly trace a summary of the author, themes, characters, plot line, and the qualities that give each work its enduring appeal.


A Lifetime of Learning in Only a Fraction of the Time

If you were to read only one of these great books every two months it would take you over 16 years to complete the collection. Simply by listening to one selection from The World's 100 Greatest Books CD Collection each day while you exercise or commute, you can complete the entire collection of 100 books a little more than three months!


In only a few weeks of listening you can acquire a lifetime of knowledge achieved by only a few. This remarkable collection consists of 100 45-minute audio abridgements of the greatest books of western literature. Includes 50 audio CDs, digital study guide with 100 Knowledge Maps to help you master the essence of each work, and a bookshelf quality display case. Don't delay. Order today and in only a few days you could be immersing yourself in this treasure trove of knowledge.

[KH Audio] IntelliQuest - The World's 100 Greatest Books, 50 CD

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