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Here is a unique study of the world's great religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It is not a history; it is not a critique. Instead it explains, simply and sympathetically, the basic tenets of each religion an d the reasons why it attracts millions of devout followers.


As the author writes in the first chapter, "This is a book about religion that exists...not as a dull habit but as an acute fever. It is about religion alive. And whenever religion comes to life it displays a startling quality; it takes over. All else, while not silenced, becomes subdued and thrown without contest into a supporting role."

Thoroughly researched, "The Religions of Man" carries its scholarship lightly. It is a dependable, informative, fascinating presentation of both the differences and similarities in the major religious traditions. And it is essential for anyone who would understand peoples of other lands, other cultures, other religions.

[Audio+Ebook] The Religions of Man/The World's Religions

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