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Congratulations! You're the proud owner of the most complex information processing device in the known universe. The human brain comes equipped with all sorts of useful design features, but also many bugs and weaknesses. Problem is you don't get an owner's manual. You have to just plug and play.

As a result, most of us never properly understand how our brains work and what they're truly capable of. We fail get the best out of them, ignore some of their most useful features and struggle to overcome their design faults.

Featuring witty essays,enlightening infographics and fascinating 'try this at home' experiments,New Scientisttake you on a journey through intelligence, memory, creativity, the unconscious and beyond.From the strange ways to distort what we think of as 'reality' to the brain hacks that can improve memory,The Brain: A User's Guidewill help you understand your brain and show you how to use it to its full potential.  

[Audio+Ebook] The Brain: A User’s Guide

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